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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back to Work

I have been back to full-time work for several months and am tired. My commute is long and I miss my kids, but I am trying to keep my focus on the good. The boys enjoy cyber school and are making friends at the learning center. (A huge relief since I wish we were still homeschooling with Oak Meadow. ) My time with the boys is purposeful.  We are able to release our focus on finances. And my job is enjoyable.  My thankful list is in fact much longer, but I will stop there.

It hit me this morning, however, that this blog has taken a backseat as I realized that yesterday was Michaelmas and I didn't get to commemorate it with my family or on the blog. So I've decided turn How the Sun Rose into more of a photo journal of my life, my family, my surroundings, and my thoughts. So sit back and enjoy.

Here is a little taste of my day. I am in New Hall Military Museum, the location of the original War Department in the 1790s. I'm talking with people today about the Revolutionary War as they look at original artifacts including this drum used in the Continental Army

Friday, September 4, 2015

Inspired by Instagram

I've never really addressed it here, but I am fairly involved in social media on a personal level and a professional level. Over the last few weeks I have spoken to several people about social media, the target audience and the objective of different kinds of social media and I have found that Instagram seems lost of some of my friends. It is a great place for inspiration without the trappings & addiction I find in Pinterest - which I could happily spend hours on.

Want to get started yourself? All you have to do is create a free account and explore by typing in your favorite hashtags. Some of mine include: nature, inspired, creative, travel, and museum.

FYI if you want to post photos to your instagram account, it can only be done with the app on a tablet, ipad, iphone, or smartphone.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram feeds (just click on the title):

Beneath the Rowan Tree - Living & homeschooling simply + creatively in Northern Ontario.

The New York Public Library - On a mission to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen communities.

Cat_in_France - Pacific NW transplant living on the Northwest coast of France on a farm called Rabbit Hill

Independence National Historical Park - Experience the site where the United States was born!

Taproot Magazine - Food. Farm. Family. Craft.

Faerie MagazineA quarterly print magazine that celebrates the magical and extraordinary

You can follow me on Instagram as well at How the Sun Rose.

So join us and fee free to share your favorite Instagram feeds.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Find Your Park

Today is the National Park Service 99th birthday. All parks are free so get out there, be in pried by history or enjoy nature!  Don't forget to use the hash tag #FindYourPark on social media.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Still pickin'

Something about leaving the big city after a day's work and heading to the fields makes me so happy. (Apparently my husband and sons take this blueberry picking very seriously.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Raspberry Picking

So many of you know that I work in a big city. It is often fun meeting people from around the world as they visit our museums and historic structures, but sometimes I am simply tired of the noise and the hustle.  Add on a hot day with high humidity and putting on the ranger garb can be daunting. 
Yesterday was one of those days. 

After a long commute home, I just wanted some down time with my kids so we went to a local farm and picked raspberries.  It was so pleasant. There were just a few people out with us, the birds were singing - and eating berries- and my kids were happily helping.  Sometimes it is the little things in life that recharge us the most, isn't it?


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lovin' On Dad

In America, Father's Day is this Sunday.  Did it sneak up on you? Me too! So I decided to pull together some easy yet meaningful ways for the whole only to show Dad some love.
Using twigs you can make a great rustic frame collage.


Take dad on a night hike and catch fireflies

Go to the city, eat good food, and catch a ball game

Let dad be ten again. Take him to an amusement park. 

If all else fails, simple heart shapes left throughout the house speak volumes of love. You can use acorns, sea shells, nuts & bolts, bits of construction paper, or in my case, sea glass.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A changing rhythm

I have been off line for some time, simply finding too much on my plate to take the time to write here. Tday I am back. Our academic year is over, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed using Oak Meadow, but it is nice to go with a more natural easy way of learning as we go through summer days. I am now back at work full-time and find that I still have a strong desire to be intentional with my sons so you can expect to find that I will still offer up my parenting thoughts, but as our family rhythm and dynamic changes with me back at work, I will include other perspectives and thoughts.

Today, however, I just want to share a simple gathering of photos that I took while walking from the train station to work.  Today I found the energy of  the urban environment invigorating.

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